Lean Construction and Bimsync

Today, ten years after research and multiple experiences, Lean Construction is starting

Generate new business models

How can an existing business or business model generate a new business

Collaboration Meeting
Drop Meeting Minutes and Boost Productivity

Drop meeting minutes might be the first and easiest step to take

Why is Building Information Modeling (BIM) not a c...

Talks about Building Information Modeling (BIM) have been going on for decades.

What is business intelligence
Business Intelligence 

For the last years business leaders in the real estate industry are

Construction illustration
BIMprove – Safe and efficient construction s...

BIMprove harnesses the power of cutting-edge Digital Twin Technology to lead construction

One tool for everything (closed BIM) or several to...

In this digital era where there is a new innovative piece of

Client Acquisition AECO industry
What are the drivers of new client acquisition?

The number one topic in the mental night talks of a C

Closed vs Open BIM
Closed BIM vs Open BIM Workflows

Imagine a world where you have one commodity producer buying up their

BIM Building Information Modeling in Africa
Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Africa

The level of awareness regarding Digital Construction methods and general adoption of