Partnership agreements between Catenda and five Vietnamese universities

Partnership agreements were recently signed between Catenda and five leading universities in Vietnam, making a whole generation of future construction professionals ready to build better together, collaborating in a life cycle perspective.

We are proud to support students in their endeavour to improve the world through new digital and sustainable forms of working together. Donating licenses for the students and faculty to use Bimsync today, is a long-term investment in the digitization and development of the South East Asian construction and infrastructure industry.

Håvard Brekke Bell, CEO of Catenda

The focus of the partnership is digitalization in the construction sector and creating conditions for students to develop practical and theoretical skills that will help further the digital processes of the construction industry in this region. The collaboration platform Bimsync by Catenda serves as a key training and research tool.

Meeting between Bimsync and Vietnamese universities at Oslo Met

The participating universities are:

With the support of Catenda, all students and faculty members of the five universities will be able to use the Bimsync software to familiarize themselves with building information modelling and cutting edge digital work process in construction.

In separate events in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Catenda ran a training session in open BIM and Bimsync to the five universities faculty members and the Vietnamese BIM community at large. The Hanoi event was hosted by the Institute of Construction Economics at the Ministry of Construction, while the BIM conference in Ho Chi Minh City was co-hosted by Oslo Metropolitan University and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.

With this partnership, the participating universities expect to continue to develop collaborative programs in order to meet the students' needs in their studies, exchange of knowledge, research collaboration, and future joint gain.

Bimsync is actively taught in a number of other educational institutions as well, read more about our education license here.

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