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The Catenda North America Team


Here is the makeup of the current team expanding Catenda into North America.


When Catenda decided the time was right to expand into North America, we wanted a high quality team and no compromises. We took our time but got the right start. First, we chose to take our then CEO, Håvard Brekke Bell, and put him in charge of the entire expansion effort. As a founder he had the right experience, built-in culture and skill set to make this a success. We then looked for someone with deep knowledge of the industry  and solid experience in successfully introducing software technology to the North American market, in addition to truly representing our core values of openness, quality and trust. Not an easy profile to fit, but we found the right person for the job. Then we needed a stellar performer in sales, with a proven track record and background in the AECO trade, not just as a salesperson, but as a true AECO professional. This too proved to be a challenging position to fill, but we did not compromise and we found the right  match here as well. These initial, on the ground resources are focused entirely on building the name of Catenda while introducing the Catenda solutions to an industry that really needs to understand the benefits of true openness, and what is possible, today.


This expansion into the Americas requires support and resources from the entire Catenda organization, as it is part of our global growth. Initially, this means we will also rely upon existing technical and marketing expertise to support our early stage opportunities. This is an excellent model to ensure that each new customer experiences the same positive culture and trusted relationship that exists with each current Catenda client.

Håvard Brekke Bell

Havard Brekke Bell – CEO

Responsible for ensuring that Catenda’s vision, culture, and beliefs are successfully reflected in the North American expansion, as it is a critical element of Catenda’s overall strategy.

  • Committed to making the AECO industry sustainable through the use of open standards for better access to data.
  • Committed to establishing Catenda as a leading provider of technology solutions that promote openness, by sharing with an unlimited audience.
  • Equally committed to implementing a new model to the software business in the AECO industry, focusing on  the user first, while demonstrating how software vendors can serve the greater good.
  • A true believer in trust as a catalyst for optimal collaboration.
  • Delivered valuable contributions to the development of the IFC standard, BCF standard and bSDD standard from buildingSMART, as well as numerous other ISO standards.
  • Enthusiastic about building high performing teams in a safe and inclusive environment with openness, quality and trust as core values.
  • Committed to being the BEST!

Jonathan Widney – Director

Responsible for the Development of the Go-to-Market Strategy and Design of the North American Business Model

  • Totally committed to neutrality and open standards to allow the greatest exposure and adoption of innovative technologies.
  • Equally committed to a business model that is logical and resonates with the end-user – ensuring that artificial barriers to adoption are not present.
  • Delivering a business model that is based upon trust and establishing true bi-directional relationships.
  • Experienced in developing global distribution and reseller channels.
  • Successfully Introduced two (2) neutral technology offerings to the Americas, NavisWorks (2001) [an Autodesk offering since 2007] and Solibri (2008) [a Nemetschek offering since 2015].
  • Co-Author of the first three (3) editions of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) BIM Education Program, and Test & Pre-test for the BIM-CM Credential.
  • Committed to being the BEST!

Jonathan Widney Jesse Graham

Jesse Graham – VP North American Sales

Responsible for the Execution of the Catenda Sales Operations throughout North America

  • Committed to the introduction of technology that is both open and neutral, to the entire Industry focused on the Built Environment.
  • Committed to the introduction of technology to bridge the gap between an aging and a new age workforce.
  • 100% aligned with, and contributing to, the strategies for successfully expanding Catenda’s operations into North America.
  • Extremely capable at sales execution and building sales teams to support Catenda’s planned growth.
  • Focused on delivering the refreshing Catenda business model, fostering a following of satisfied clients, from Day 1.
  • Committed to being the BEST!


Benjamin Agyemang – Customer Success Manager and Product Owner

Initially, Benjamin plays a critical role in establishing both the operational and open relationship with each new Catenda customer, as well as setting the performance expectations for the future North American-based technical resources.

  • As a seasoned design professional who has experienced the practical benefits of working with open solutions, including Catenda’s technology, on hundreds of projects of all sizes, he is able to demonstrate workflows that new users will welcome and appreciate.
  • Committed to the successful adoption and implementation of technology that is both open and neutral, to the entire Industry focused on the Built Environment.
  • Committed to helping organizations transition from their status quo to improved digital 3D based workflows.
  • Committed to the success and satisfaction of every Catenda customer by fostering a relationship based on openness and trust.
  • Committed to being the BEST!

Benjamin Agyemang Eva Stepak Heritier

Eva Stepak-Heritier – Brand & Content Marketing Manager

Responsible for global marketing of the Catenda brand, and ensuring consistency in every market.

  • Committed to leveraging a wide range  of modern marketing methods and strategies where creating value for our target audience is the key consideration.
  • Committed to communicating openly, reflecting the Catenda culture by focusing on quality and building trust through honest storytelling.
  • Extremely capable and passionate about building lasting relationships by interacting with Catenda users.
  • Committed to creating a Catenda marketing team that reflects the corporate vision and key components of relationship building.
  • Committed to being the BEST!

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