A data-driven life cycle approach

Bimsync is a life-cycle oriented, cloud-based collaboration platform for the construction and infrastructure industry. 

At its core is the building information model (BIM) or digital twin, which serves as a connection box to link all data for the entire life cycle of a building.

This data-driven, life cycle approach improves cost and energy efficiency, making construction more financially and environmentally sustainable.

We have sustainability at our core, and work towards achieving the United Nations´ Sustainable Development Goals, focusing primarily on these three.


Bimsync improves energy and cost efficiency in the construction and infrastructure industry, and promotes innovation in sustainable building performance. It ensures transparency, traceability and openness in construction work processes, resulting in low production costs, higher production efficiency and decent jobs.

Bimsync is a circular life cycle platform that can be used to document and monitor any building and all its components, from the original idea through construction and maintenance, demolition and beyond.

Catenda works continuously with improving the international open standards, taking part in research and innovation efforts and creating an ecosystem by integrating with industry frontrunners to push the envelope and generate win-win-effects for all.


Read up on the SDGs and sustainable construction

Here is a small collection of articles and sites that offer insight into the world of sustainable construction and the SDGs. Have you read an article we should include? Let us know.

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