Fullstack Engineer (React+Java)

  • Oslo, Norway
  • Full time


The main responsibility for this position is to produce high quality code and shape together with the team the best practices vertically across the solution, including the frontend application, using React-Redux and the backend APIs. Also an important part of the job is to interact with our designer to create pixel perfect UIs according to design specs.

In this role you will be working as part of a small and highly effective cross functional team, where most developers have a full stack understanding of the technical challenges.

As a main developer in the team, you will be part of all major technical decisions, shaping the best practices and creating new features for our products by deploying code to production regularly.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a passionate Fullstack Engineer that wants to own and help shape our web application for the construction industry. You should have a good understanding of web and backend technologies and the different challenges of creating web applications backed by REST APIs that are cloud native, having previously developed applications in the public cloud (AWS preferably). We expect a strong intimacy with JavaScript, as our application runs mainly in React, Redux and Typescript, and Java, as most of our backend stack is written in this language. We also look for proficient knowledge of databases, both SQL and NoSQL, to tune and shape the best data structures for each particular use case. Another important point is having familiarity with REST APIs and a good understanding of backwards compatibility for public APIs. 

The list above is quite comprehensive and can be intimidating, but we don’t expect you to be familiar with our whole tech stack coming in. That said, you need to have a willingness to learn as you go, as we believe in a growing and learning mindset, where developers are ready to face new challenges, and learn new technologies when needed. Thus, having the right skills and a positive attitude to learning, is more important for us than the degree. A BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related subject is relevant, as we value an understanding of the fundamentals, but it’s not a prerequisite.

We define ourselves as an agile company, so being open for feedback and adapting to change is core to being a good fit to our team. Our company’s working language is English, in which we expect all candidates to effectively communicate (written and spoken).

This position is open for fully remote, but has a requirement of being located in the EU.

What we offer

You will be part of an amazing journey to transform the construction industry with a bold and caring team. Along this path, we will challenge each other, have difficult open conversations, and develop as we learn.

In addition to the above, we will also take care of you and provide you with the right challenges for growth. Some of our benefits:

  • Paid time off (25 vacation days per year)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Full remote possible
  • Share options program
  • Company gatherings (in person)


Olso, Norway

About Catenda

Catenda is a Norwegian scale-up company with a global ambition to make the construction industry data-driven, with less waste and greater transparency along the way.

Our company values are easy to remember: Openness, Trust and Quality.

We believe in open standards for all our customer data to achieve interoperability between applications, from inception, through design and construction onto the maintenance of a building. Another core belief is that our customers should have full control over their data: all data that goes in, can also be exported out.

We value quality of the code and the product by working as a tight and effective distributed development team, preferably asynchronously, often sharing screens to collaborate. Catenda has offices in Oslo and Bergen, composed by an international team of 10+ nationalities working remotely across the EU.

Our solution is a cloud-based collaboration platform, consisting of a web application, a mobile application and our APIs. Many companies across the world are using our products to build better airports, hospitals, stadiums, homes and roads.

Our technology stack runs 100% on AWS, using the most appropriate technology for the problem at hand. As mentioned before, our backend is mostly in Java and frontend in Javascript, using React, Typescript  and React Native for our mobile app (iOS and Android).

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