The Janssen de Jong Group in 's-Hertogenbosch coordinates information and communication for all projects with Bimsync. This saves time and avoids construction errors. Daan Arts, BIM (Building Information Modeling) Manager Cluster Corporate Housing, shares his vision and practical experiences.




Managing information and communication centrally

With 32 independent companies in 6 clusters, and offices in the Caribbean and Poland, the Janssen de Jong Group is among the leading construction companies in the Netherlands. "We started BIMing and 4D planning more than ten years ago, at the time mainly within the corporate housing cluster for precast concrete shell projects," Daan Arts explains. "In the meantime, that cluster is focused on turnkey design and construction projects. As a result, the use of BIM has also changed and intensified in recent years. All projects are now prepared in BIM and coordinated during execution. This requires a group-wide solution to centrally manage all project information and communication."


Get rid off emails

"To be able to collaborate more effectively across our group and construction teams, it's important to have what we call a 'Common Data Environment' (CDE)," Daan Arts continues. "In other words, a virtual location where all the information (models and all other documents) from the projects is accessible and managed for all parties involved. Everyone can then find the information they need whenever they want  according to their own rights, instead of searching for the latest versions of files in the attachments of numerous emails." Based on discussions with BIM experts and other end users, we chose Brink and Catenda's Bimsync open CDE cloud-based platform."


Easy to use Open BIM collaboration platform

"Our main reasons for coordinating projects with Bimsync are its user friendliness and OpenBIM support," summarizes Arts. "In addition, Bimsync is strong in visualizing and synchronizing issues using the embedded viewer. This gives us the ability to let clients and other stakeholders look into a BIM without having to purchase and install software themselves, such as guiding buyers in housing projects. Finally, Open BIM support allows us to easily integrate with other BIM applications, including Autodesk Revit and Solibri Office, and to exchange information with other commercial systems."

Daan Arts Bimsync

Strategic partnership

Janssen de Jong Group has been working with Brink (our Dutch reseller) for a long time. "Currently, we are coordinating dozens of projects simultaneously in Bimsync," Daan Arts continues. "Looking back on several years of experience, our expectations of having better insight and control of projects have been successfully met. The easy-to-apply functionality has even made employees so excited that they want more. We'll be enhancing this in the coming period as we brainstorm and contribute to new Bimsync developments, based on a strategic partnership with Catenda."


IBIS, Bimsync reseller