Your guide to working remotely with Bimsync

The sudden shift to remote work for millions of people means additional

How to choose your Common Data Environment?

Choosing the right common data environment is a crucial step for the

What is a Common Data Environment (CDE)?

Definition of a Common Data Environment (CDE) The BIM process requires setting

Slack integration with Bimsync
How to connect Slack with Bimsync?

Here is an article to learn how to set up the integration

How does Solibri work with Bimsync?

This short post will explain to you the optimal workflow when working

BCF Capture Bimsync
Slash 80% of your emails with the BIM Collaboratio...

OpenBIM encompasses both a set of workflow and software tools to ensure

What is IFC, the main ingredient of openBIM?

The birth of the IFC format In 1996 11 partners created the

The Digital Twin – from vision to action

The digital twin is often talked about alongside the use of BIM

Aiming to digitalize the construction industry

Major property developer OBOS and Norway´s biggest construction company Veidekke invest in

Open standards ensure that walls are dismantled

We who make Bimsync® live by two basic principles: openness and quality.