Connect Vrex with Bimsync

Our integration with Vrex makes the workflow between BIM and VR very efficient and user-friendly. It is a great start to get working with VR in engineering and construction.

Connect Vrex with Bimsync

Main Features

Experience your project in any scale

Experience the BIM-model in Virtual Reality is like being inside the building or facility. Move between any scale inside the model to have full control from miniature.

Have full control of your models from different disciplines, to achieve greater cross-disciplinary understanding, including stakeholders and end-users in an intuitive way.

No more cardboard scale-models that becomes out of date.

Easy workflow with Bimsync

No need for file-sharing!

Access your Bimsync models in Vrex in seconds. Our integration ensures that VR is always in sync with your Bimsync project.

BCF collaboration

Vrex is BuildingSmart International Standard compliant for model and BCF collaboration. Access BCF-issues inside VR, discuss and create new ones, automatically updated in Bimsync.

How to integrate with Bimsync?

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Use Case

How AFRY is solving Design issues with VR

Coming soon!

Ready to build better with Bimsync?