Catenda Hub

Catenda Hub is a common data environment (CDE) that helps construction and infrastructure actors to manage their projects. The open standards-based cloud platform allows you to exchange information, schedule, planning, assign issues, and centralize all project data (2D plans, 3D models, documents etc.).

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Catenda Hub Dashboard displayed on a laptop, in the front a zoom in from the resolved issues


better with our issue management

Within the Catenda common data environment (CDE), work more efficiently with topics. Add, import, organize and collaborate on topics. The use of open standards such as BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) enables all actors using different software to collaborate on construction and infrastructure projects.

3D Model vision on CatendaHub, displayed on a tablet


your 3D and 2D models

The powerful 3D viewer available in Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) allows everyone involved in a project to view the models and collaborate. Combine our high performance 3D viewer with auto-generated 2D floor plans to get a full overview of all of the models in your projects.

Catenda Hub BIM platform


your models and documents

The CDE Catenda Hub gathers all the data of a project. Add relevant information to your models, taking measurements, making cuts and coloring objects. To collaborate more effectively, link documents and data to your virtual asset with a single click, creating a true digital twin. Learn more about Catenda Hub and how to reap the benefits.

Customers’ stories

Companies all around the world use Catenda Hub for their construction and infrastructure project. Discover how they implement and use the Catenda Common Data Environment.