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Select the offer that best suits your project or build your own! Our teams are here to help you make the choice that best suits your needs.


Everything included in Basic, plus…

  • 2D & 3D Viewer
  • BCF based issue management
  • Model Management – Versioning
  • Revision control
  • Document storage
  • Status on documents


Everything included in Project, plus…

  • Project organization
  • Multi-factor authentification
  • SSO
  • Priority Support
  • Integration with Sharepoint
  • API access
Issue ManagementBasicProjectEntreprise
BCF based issue management
Filter, sort and search issues
Milestones and labels
Annotations on viewpoints
Custom configuration types & status
Issues Lists
Attach documents
Access control
Document storage
Bulk download & upload using Zip
Preview of certain file formats (except pdf)
Visualization of DWGs files
Visualization of Model Files
Visualization of Point Clouds
Access control
Revisions management
Status on documents (published / drafts)
Linking to objects

Included in Catenda Hub

  • Access all your Catenda Hub projects
  • Offline access
  • Issue management
  • Document access
  • 2D and 3D viewer

Build you platform

  • Services
  • Documents
  • Technical Data
  • 2D/3D Explorer
  • Facility Management
  • Energies
  • B.M.S. & IoT

Build your offer

  • APIs
  • 2D / 3D Viewer

See why they love Catenda

Nicolas Ferrara

Head of Digital Twins and Services for O&M, Rail at Egis

« Catenda Hub is able to support technical conversations centered on objects or specific places of the model and to manage them right through to their closure. »

Guillaume Desmedt

BIM Deployment Director et SUEZ Consulting Engineering

“Catenda Hub is a tool that allows you to collaborate around digital models. The strength of this platform is the democratization of BIM. In other words, any actor who enters a BIM approach is looking for a simple tool; to make comments among others. And this is the case with Bimsync. The platform is very easy to use, especially regarding the processing of comments but also the determination of the roles associated to the stakeholders.”

Erik Lindström

BIM Coordinator at Plan B

« Catenda Hub is intuitive for everyone, even for people who are not familiar with 3D viewers. It’s easy to navigate inside the models. »

Daan Arts

Manager Innovation and Digitalisation at JAJO

« My favorite feature in Catenda Hub is the fact that anyone can use it. No matter what company the customers are from, they can click a button and show/see what their future building will look like. »

Benoit Lecrioux

BIM Director at NGE Bâtiment

« We chose Catenda Hub for its ease of use, its issue management in BCF format, as well as its model viewer via the cloud, which requires no installation. For me, these aspects are essential to democratize BIM beyond architects and design offices. »

Group of architects and business people working together and brainstorming


Is it possible to use Catenda Hub for more than one project?

Yes it is possible with a enterprise offer.

Is it possible to test Catenda Hub for free?

This is possible either in the “Basic” version with access to only a few functions forever. Or in full version for 14 days only by filling in your information.

Is that possible to access Catenda Hub on site?

Catenda Site is an application that you can use on mobile and tablet devices to access your data while on site; and even offline.