Catenda Boost

Catenda Boost is an incredibly rich set of software bricks, which are the foundation of the Catenda Hub and Catenda Duo solutions. BIM APIs allow you to extend an existing software, or build new innovative BIM solutions to boost your digital workflows.

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our 2D and 3D technology

Catenda Boost is a set of BIM APIs. Implement our powerful 2D and 3D visualization technology available in Catenda Hub in your software to easily read and write BIM data.

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your tool with our open platform

Our well documented and robust APIs will get your software integrated with one of the most powerful next generation collaboration platforms out there. Together we can move the industry into the digital age.

Catenda Hub BIM platform

Benefit from

a robust and well-tested platform

The platform has been running in production since 2012. It is robust and thoroughly tested by thousands of users and companies using this technology as their core BIM engine. With Catenda Boost, anyone can get their first version of BIM integration running in days, not months.

API documentation

We provide APIs for 2D and 3D visualization, issue handling using the standard BCF API and access to all BIM data through our intuitive REST API. Learn more on

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