parking garage 3d model

K_Dekker improves the use of BIM through Catenda Hub

Since its foundation in 1963, K_Dekker bouw & infra, with its typical Noord-Holland down-to-earth approach has developed into a versatile builder of multidisciplinary projects. Examples of these include the realization of the H-Park residential and commercial complex in Hilversum, the Westhaven railway yard substructure in Amsterdam, the new Hollands Spoor shops & bicycle shed and a covered car park in Purmerend. The company increasingly uses 3D Building Information Models (BIM) for its projects, integrating and managing them with Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync). BIM coordinator Jaap ter Voort explains his experiences below.

3D model view in Catenda Hub created by K_Dekker

3D model view in Catenda Hub

Technology, process, and model management

‘We started using BIM in a very hands-on way a few years ago by first acquainting ourselves with the technology,’ explains ter Voort. ‘That is when we realised that not all our construction partners were far enough along to be able to follow through. So we started focusing more on the process side to improve project-based cooperation based on BIM. And because we wanted to use BIM models independently from the design and engineering applications, it became necessary to find a solution for “model management.” The solution was provided in collaboration with Brink Software, which delivered Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync). Catenda Hub is an intuitive, web-based tool for BIM and project managers that allows them to view, analyse, integrate, share, visualise and manage every available model.’

Single source of truth

‘In order to achieve multidisciplinary collaboration in a BIM, it is important that the integrated model is the single source of truth for all those involved,’ ter Voort continues. ‘This way, you avoid numerous questions and discussions about the available information. It also prevents erroneous interpretations and costly construction mistakes. In practice, collaboration based on an integrated BIM also requires a cultural change. Like updating the model on time and resolving issues quickly, instead of waiting and only going through the action list during the construction meeting. Also, many people are still used to carrying out actions based on emails rather than through BIM-based issues and workflows. Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) is both an excellent BIM viewer and a great piece of software for revision, document and issue management.’

Model management with Catenda Hub

‘Getting back to that necessity I mentioned earlier, Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) is an easy-to-use and low-threshold model management application,’ ter Voort resumes. ‘We ended up working with Brink because we had already been working with the IBIS-TRAD calculation software for years. A significant advantage of Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) is that it is a cloud-based tool that integrates BIM models based on the widely used supplier-independent IFC standard. Furthermore, we get professional support when required, both from Brink Software and the developer, Catenda. Now that we have improved the way we work (together) in projects through BIM, we will continue to look for other optimisation opportunities. For example, by integrating Catenda Hub into our document management, ERP, and systems engineering applications.’