Our products will simplify your collaboration

Catenda offers BIM solutions that aim to improve collaboration from the design phase through to operations management. The solutions are based on open standards and allow all collaborators to collaborate easily and efficiently on the same platforms.

Catenda Hub being displayed on a laptop, showing a 3D model of a skyscraper
Catenda Hub being displayed on a tablet
Catenda Site being displayed on a phone


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Catenda Hub

Catenda Hub is an easy-to-use common data environment that enables construction and infrastructure project stakeholders to manage projects. From the design phase to the construction phase, actors can collaborate on a single, easy-to-use BIM platform.

View 3D models and 2D drawings, store documents, assign issues etc. Discover the features of Catenda Hub (formerly Bimsync).

On site

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Catenda site

Catenda Site is the mobile and tablet BIM application of Catenda. It allows you to manage your projects directly on site, even when you are offline. Access to projects created in Catenda Hub, and benefit from the most useful features on site (visualization of 2D plans and 3D models, creation of subjects etc.). Discover Catenda Site and its features.


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Catenda Duo

Catenda Duo (formerly Catenda BOS) is a true digital twin to manage the operations of a building.

Catenda Duo allows you to create an interface to manage building resources (lighting, heating, IoT etc.), and thus to optimize them. Manage operations through an easy-to-use platform, built according to your needs and appearance.


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Catenda Boost

Catenda Boost (formerly Bimsync Boost) is a set of software bricks that allow you to extend your existing software, or create new innovative BIM solutions to boost your digital workflow.

Boost your existing software by integrating Catenda Hub features, or create a new one with BIM APIs.

Empower your team with our integrations

Catenda Hub is the next generation cloud platform where construction information comes to life. 20 integrations are available in Catenda Hub to facilitate collaboration and information sharing.

BIM integrations with Catenda Hub