bimsync flyer (now Catenda), on the right Einar Gudmundsson (CEO), on the left Håvard Brekke Bell (Co-Founder and CSO) smiling

Catenda is delighted to announce a new CEO


Catenda is delighted to announce that Einar Gudmundsson has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Catenda AS. After more than three years as Chief Operating Officer, having been responsible for product, sales, finance and operations, he now succeeds Håvard Brekke Bell.


As one of the founders, Håvard Brekke Bell, never planned to be the CEO of Catenda forever. There are different phases in a company’s lifecycle which will require different skills from the leadership. Catenda is now ready to scale fast, and that is the perfect time for a new CEO. Håvard is now looking forward to focusing on new expansions that Catenda is planning and keeping  Catenda true to its vision through his new Chief Strategy Officer role, and as a member of the Board of Directors.

It is more than ten years ago that Catenda AS was founded with five people from the Norwegian research organization SINTEF. Today, 30 employees across the globe work for the Norwegian software company.

In little over 10 years, Håvard has led Catenda from a baby to a growing teenager, building the first truly open Common Data Environment where 3D and 2D workflows come together. Today Catenda has major Contractor, Engineering, Owner and Developer organizations as customers. Egis, Bouygues Immobilier, Schiphol, SBB and Veidekke are all using Catenda to optimize  construction and build the next generation of buildings and infrastructure.

“I am very happy that Catenda is getting Einar as a CEO. That is the right person for our next step on our journey. When the other founders and I helped create the buildingSMART standards widely used today, we saw the beginnings of this, now we can see how our tools are making the AECO industry more sustainable. This is going to be fun!” says Håvard.  

As CEO, Einar now leads Catenda’s global expansion. “I see great potential for Catenda to have a significant impact on the built environment,  globally. Not only because we have a great vision, a robust and scalable product built to be open, designed to be easy to use, but most importantly because of the talent we have, people who want to make a difference in  this world, with the energy and drive to do so!”, Einar.