Catenda Duo

Catena Duo (formerly Catenda BOS) is a platform that allows you to collect all the data of the buildings and optimize them. This easy to use Building Operations System enables you to reduce the environmental impact of your buildings.

Waist up portrait of two mature building contractors using digital tablet while standing in office building at construction site, copy space
laptop displaying Catenda Duo


building data more efficiently

Catenda Duo allows you to centralize all the data collected by the sensors on a single intuitive and easy to use platform: heating, electricity, documents, B.M.S & IoT etc.

Laptop shown from the side, displaying Catenda DUO


the elements with relevant information

Catenda Duo, the Building Operating System, connects documents and data to virtual assets with a single click. This allows stakeholders to create a true digital twin.

Laptop displaying Catenda DUO 2D and 3D viewer


the platform that best suits your company

Catenda Duo APIs allow you to adapt the platform to your needs and brand identity. You can create your own building operating systems through our interface.

Customers’ stories

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