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Catenda provides a range of products that meet the needs of the AECOO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner Operator) industry.

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We want to be open

Openness is our core value and we share it from day one with all team members. We believe that openness is the best way to work together and we have always promoted an open way of communicating. Feeding our curiosity, working hard to make our knowledge accessible to everyone through open-source formats, and nurturing an international culture as a strength are our ways to meet the challenges of the industry.

We focus on building trust

Because of our involvement, we are recognized as trusted partners. With Catenda, you can be confident that your data is safe and stored 100% according to open standards. We do not believe in vendor lock-in. Your data is yours, and you can access it anytime you need.

We strive for quality

We help build long-lasting edifices and infrastructure, and our goal is to prevent any issues with quality. As we strive for quality, we are continuously improving our products, and focusing on the results generated. Our clients choose to stay with us because they believe we offer the best solution.

Construction people walking on a ladder facing the sky: meaning of opennes

Launch in a few simple steps

Catenda products have been designed to be easy to integrate into digital workflows and implement within teams.

Catenda Hub being displayed on a laptop, showing a 3D model of a skyscraper

Simple setup

From the design phase to operations, Catenda supports you in your building and infrastructure projects.

A group of Architecture during the Design phase of a Construction project

Design phase

Catenda Hub allows you to manage projects in the design phase to centralize documents and collaborate with stakeholders.

A team of BIM managers and Engineers are discussing about their project during construction phase

Construction phase

During the construction phase, the issue and document approval features will allow the teams to communicate.

A man sitting on his desk, leaning to computer with his glasses in his hand

Site management

With Catenda Site, access your projects offline to manage your projects on site: access your documents, manage your issues.


People working on document storage construction project

Document storage

Keep all your project documents and exchange history on Catenda Hub.


3 construction workers standing around a table with one laptop, discussing about it


In case of renovation of buildings or infrastructures, Catenda Hub and Catenda Site can provide support to manage the projects.

Refurbishment: The building site against the background of a multistorey building. Two builders are working .


In case of renovation of buildings or infrastructures, Catenda Hub and Catenda Site can provide support to manage the projects.

Group of architects and business people working together and brainstorming


Where is my data stored?

Data is stored on servers located in EEA. In cases where we transfer personal data to sub-processors outside the EU, standard contractual clauses apply. This data is only used for Catenda’s internal processes such as sales and improving the service.

Can I visualize 3d models in Catenda Hub?

Users can view 3D models in Catenda Hub, which have been created in any software by using the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format.

Is it possible to have lifetime access to the data stored in Catenda Hub?

Yes, it is possible.