Senior Cloud Operations Engineer

  • Europe
  • Full time


We are looking for a passionate Cloud Operations Engineer that wants to automate all manual and repetitive work. The main responsibility for this role is defining and owning the Cloud Operations function at Catenda, by improving the infrastructure and being proactive to prepare for the next growth peak.

We want to automate our infrastructure as much as possible in order to focus on innovating on our product. In this role we believe that coding skills is a requirement to be able to code the infrastructure and avoid manual intervention. 

In this role you will be working within the tech team closely together with the CTO and the rest of the Engineering organization in order to make sure that all our systems are operational and meeting our agreed quality of service. In this process you will support and follow-up on the DevOps on-call process.


What we are looking for

We believe in a growing and learning mindset, where people will be up to face a new challenge and learn a new technology when needed. Thus, having the right skills and a positive attitude to learning is more important for us than the degree. A BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related subject is important, as we value an understanding of the fundamentals, but it’s not a prerequisite.

We define ourselves as an agile company, so being open for feedback and adapting to change is core to being a good fit to our team. Our company’s working language is English, so we expect all candidates to effectively communicate (written and spoken).


Key skills

  • Ability to lead and positively influence peers in decision-making process
  • Ability to maintain high performance and accuracy in rapidly changing and evolving work settings
  • Experience in operating infrastructure on at least one major Cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure, e.t.c)
  • Experience with Docker and containerized applications
  • Experience with Unix based systems
  • Track record of building or fixing software in at least one major programming language
  • Experience in operating & optimizing Kubernetes clusters to minimize cluster sprawl
  • Experience with Git, Kustomize, Helm, Terraform, Kubectl and similar
  • Experience in networking, CDN, Gateways and deployment strategies
  • Experience in operating and scaling highly available infrastructure
  • Understanding of microservice based architecture and operations
  • Experience in advanced debugging, logging, monitoring and alerting using tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Splunk, Datadog
  • Experience with working within audited environments (ISO, SOC 2, e.t.c)

This position is open for fully remote, but has a requirement of being located in the EU.


How to apply? 

Send an email to

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