Project Brief:

Nordic Aquafarms is the first company in Norway to move salmon production up to market size into large-scale land-based systems. The Fredrikstad Seafoods facility is under construction and will become the largest such facility in Europe. There are currently three facilities the company is invested in, one in Norway and two in Denmark. In addition, a large facility in Maine, USA is in the early stages of being developed.

The design and pre-project for the expansion in Fredrikstad started in 2017, and as of March 2018 Bimsync has been the preferred project collaboration platform. The collaboration platform is included in all external and internal processes. Currently the pre-project phase is ongoing, and it is envisioned that Bimsync will be used throughout. The fully expanded salmon facility will produce up to 6000 tons of salmon annually.


The Fredrikstad Seafoods facility in Bimsync


The Fredrikstad models is shared and assessed through Bimsync, and instead of making an abrupt change with use of big drawings etc. like practice have been before, Bimsync and Syncro will be co-used in order to build precisely according to the model. The idea is to make Bimsync the operational tool for the management phase, but as the projects are currently in an early stage, details are not ready for this as yet.

"Bimsync is very intuitive and easy to use, and it has all the functionality and flexibility that is needed. We are so far really satisfied with the user experience. The file structure, the safe storage of data, and the ability to switch between models: this combination brings with it a great force and is powerful to us as the end user." Fredrik Weberg, Nordic Aquafarms

For the project in Maine bimsync is helpful in streamlining the collaboration across continents and time-zones, increasing the transparency and progress with our partners in the US as the project develops.