Connect Dimension10 with Bimsync

Our integration with Dimension10 makes for an intuitive project-workflow for your team, clients, and stakeholders.

Experience your projects in true-scale and reap the benefits of including VR in design-reviews and clash detection meetings.

Connect Dimension10 with Bimsync

Main Features

Invite Clients & Coworkers to review models

No need for local files, when connecting Bimsync to Dimension10 you will find all models and relevant documents automatically.

Share with your coworkers and invite them to review your 3D models, Dimension10 makes sure that your models are synced throughout the whole VR session

Use a BCF workflow with Dimesion10 & Bimsync

The integration with Bimsync enables an openBIM workflow by leveraging IFC models that have been shared among project collaborators into our Virtual Reality platform with few clicks.

Experience your models in "fully 3D", identify, exchange and collaborate with model-based issues between VR and BIM software tools, bypassing proprietary formats, exports, and workflows.

How to integrate with Bimsync?

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