Imerso & Bimsync for Real-time Construction Insight

Imerso benchmarks fieldwork progress directly against your BIM models using 3D Scanning and AI technologies.

Connect Imerso to your Bimsync account to track progress and work quality automatically while you build.

Imerso & Bimsync for Real-time Construction Insight

Main Features

Automatic Progress Tracking

Work deviations are detected in minutes and shared to Bimsync with all details, giving your teams full control at every step.

Automatic Surface Analysis

Powerful tools made easy, like floor flatness or planar surface analysis. Detect floor depressions and elevations, tilted columns and wall slabs, or water pockets with the press of a button.

Your virtual Jobsite

Navigate your BIM models together with an up-to-date digital copy of the jobsite using any browser.

Imerso improves remote collaboration, cuts 50% travel costs, and gets everyone on the same page with true As-built documentation.

Accurate As-Built in minutes

Turn your team into proficient 3D Surveyors overnight, without any complicated procedures, work interruptions, or area preparation. Use any 3D scanner to capture accurate As-built, and let Imerso's software do the heavy lifting.

Use Case

Learn how KLP used Bimsync and Imerso in their project

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