Innovate on top of the Bimsync API Platform

Bimsync provides an API platform that enables you to innovate and automate your workflows. Our APIs are constantly evolving from feedback from our users, and we take great pride in ensuring backward compatibility.

We provide APIs for 2D and 3D visualization, issue handling using the standard BCF API and access to all BIM data through our intuitive REST API.

Innovate on top of the Bimsync API Platform

What can you build with the Bimsync API?


Custom Bimsync Apps

Automate workflows using our APIs to integrate Bimsync into other software suites you may be using.


Whitelabel Boost Apps

Create your own applications based on our technology in our white-labeled product offering, Bimsync Boost.


Partner Integrations

Partner Integrations, extend your application reach by integrating Bimsync data.

Viewer 3D API

Visualize large BIM models in any WebGL compatible browser. No plugins or installation required.

Viewer 2D API

Auto generated floor plans for all models as SVG files with relevant BIM information included.

User, Project and Documents API

Access all your project information with our APIs, including teams' structure and document libraries. Authenticate using industry standard OAuth2 flows.

Models and Data API

The Models API gives you access to revisions and all the information in your IFC files and linked data.


Bimsync supports the BCF API specification from buildingSMART international with additional support for import and export files on BCF 1.

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See what can be built using our APIs

Some examples of API being used as the building blocks for new applications. Have you made anything exciting? Let us know.

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