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We need to look at how the sector can better build to limit its overall contribution to climate change. What if doing something great meant opening our minds and learning from each other?

What if doing something great meant opening our minds and learning from each other?

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Our vision

Open our minds

We want to have a positive impact on the world we live in, and we believe the environment is the most pressing issue. We are focused on t how the industry can build better to limit its overall impact on climate change.

In this Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner and Operator industry, which is full of bright, hard-working people, we believe it is about working better together and learning from each other. In short : open our minds.

Yes, we believe that openness is the necessary condition to unlock the potential of the sector. The one condition that allows creativity and a less restrictive approach. The one that is easy to learn. The one that is flexible and accepts changes at any stage of the project. The one that is compatible with competing tools. The one that opens its data, knowledge and technology in order to allow its clients to solve their problems in their own way, as much as to learn from each other.

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Our mission

Create open tools

We have created Catenda to bring an open culture into the construction industry from design to maintenance.

We are committed to having open data at the heart of future buildings through their whole lifecycle. For them to be built better, and more sustainably.

To that end, we are empowering all the stakeholders of the industry with the most user friendly way to create and access their data. A whole ecosystem of amazing open tools and products with digitized workflows, powerful insights, stored and accessible data to the right people at the right time.

Trusted by industry leaders

From the beginning of Catenda, some of the most important actors in the building and infrastructure industry around the world have trusted us and built with us!

Meet the team

Strong, with 13 years of presence and a global team of more than 30 experienced and dedicated people, we are proud, and positioned to address the huge challenges in today’s built assets industry.

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Sjaak Velthoven Julien Benoit - CCO
Eva Stepak-Heritier _ Marketing Director Chris Mowforth - Cloud Operations Lead
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