Solve problems before they occur

Connect data, visual issues, 3D models, and people, in one easy to use collaboration platform, to catch problems before they cause delays.

 Solve problems before they occur

Collaborate Better. Deliver on time.

Managers report 50 hours saved every month during design

With its visual and intuitive issues management system (RFIs, tasks, etc), Bimsync enables teams to create, share, and assign issues to any team member and connect it to your digital models.

Get a better understanding of the issues context & solve problems before they occur.

Managers report an 80% reduction in email

Make Bimsync your single source of truth to communicate and exchange documents, models and issues with subcontractors.

Use visual and structured communication (BCF) to reduce the need for email, and dramatically improve the stakeholders ability to deliver.

Onboard your team at Breakneck speed

Don't waste time with complex products anymore. Get your team up and running in minutes with Bimsync's easy to use and intuitive interface.

Reduce resolution time with days

Avoid confusion and misunderstandings with visual and 3D connected issues, significantly improving time to resolution with days.

What our customers say

Power up your workflows with our integrations

Connect your essential business tools to Bimsync and make it your project control center.
Revit, Archicad, Solibri, Slack, Dropbox, Sharepoint and many more.

  • Dimension 10
  • Cobuilder
  • Fonn
  • Sharepoint
  • Revit
  • Slack
  • Vrex
  • Imerso
  • Solibri
  • Dropbox
  • CheckD

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