Catenda Hub (ex Bimsync) is used in The Avril Campus - a complex project with unusual shape and the circular atrium

Legendre: A campus construction pushing the conventional

Project Brief:

Legendre Immobilier’s flagship and innovative project, the Avril Campus opens in late 2018 in Bruz, near Rennes.

Avril Campus is built together with the architecture company UNITE of Nantes. This round building is landscaped and has a total surface of 13,200 m² spread over three levels. In its center it holds 2,000 m² of glazed covered and bioclimatic atrium. This makes it an iconic structure. In the spirit of opening up to the outside, sunshades will also be integrated into the rings that surround the facade of the building. Resolutely focused on sustainable development, this campus will be certified a NF HQE Tertiary building.

This collaborative space consists of 12,200 m² of offices, 1,000 m² of restaurant areas and a gym. It will eventually house the employees of the Rennes Group Avril. This agro-industrial group works in diversified sectors of activities (human nutrition, nutrition, animal expertise, etc.) and works both in France and internationally.

The Avril Campus is the future headquarters of the Avril group’s animal center and will initially host the 500 employees currently working in the three different sites of the Rennes metropolitan area (Bruz, Vern-sur-Seiche and Rennes). In total, this building has been designed to accommodate up to 700 workstations.

Catenda Hub (ex Bimsync) is used in The Avril Campus - a complex project with unusual shape and the circular atrium

The Avril Campus project located in Bruz, France

To build this tertiary building, Legendre Immobilier is once again playing the synergy between the different entities of the Group Legendre by involving the engineering and construction teams on the project.

Using Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) in the Avril Campus made the project achieve a better understanding of the trade requirements of the different team members.

With its unusual shape and the circular atrium, the construction itself was way more complex than planned. Therefore, a number of various subcontractors were involved, and the single common media used by Group Legendre was the BIM model.

A clear understanding and approval of the design was made possible because the project members were pushing all the models onto the Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) collaborative platform for every team member to review throughout the process.