screenshot powerbi interface

Two new Catenda Hub applications

Catenda Team

Simon Moreau is BIM-manager at the French real estate development company Bouygues Immobilier, and an avid Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) user.

Simon has used the Catenda Boost to build two very useful web applications.

The first one is a Revit plugin. It enables an architect (or anyone else) who use Revit to download a free plugin from Revit Store and then send IFC files (open BIM) from Revit directly into the correct project and model in Bimsync. Discover the Revit plugin with Bimsync here.

Simon’s second creation is an independent web application called Bimsync Manager (now renamed to Catenda Hub). This web application has to key features: First, it makes it easy to establish projects with project templates, for instance including the same people, identical issue settings, etc. Great for organizations that need a lot of new projects in Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync)®.

The other feature makes it easy to link it to Power BI (a business intelligence tool from Microsoft) to make it possible to extract data and graphs from Bimsync® and display it in the dashboard. For instance, you can get an overview of how many new windows are added to the models every week, see how often new models are uploaded, or how many issues are closed per day, and so on.

We hope a lot of you will put these web application to good use.