Clash Detection

What is clash detection? – BIM Clash detection definition  

Clash detection is a technique used in BIM (Building Information Modeling) that speeds up projects by detecting conflicts between various models during the design process. It allows architects and contractors to avoid the impact of multi-level design revisions, which can result in budget overruns and project delays. 

Clash detection in BIM is the automatic and computerized identification  of conflicts or clashes. It is a significant capability  for designers, architects, builders, engineers, and contractors to determine clashes or conflicts in construction. It can be performed on many 3D models.


BIM Clash detection helps to determine whether, where, and how elements of a building interfere with each other. Elements include walls, systems or any geometric objects. Additionally, it helps to: 

  • Examine the structure’s stability;
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts;
  • Cut down on human error;
  • Ensure that all regulatory standards are met;
  • And much more. 


3 types of clashes

1. Soft

Soft clash in BIM is related to the fact that an object’s geometric tolerances (or requirements) were not given enough consideration during the design phase, or that its “buffer zone” was violated. An example could be allowing for the insulation that is wrapped around a pipe.

2. Hard

When two or more components occupy the same space or interfere with each other, a hard impact occurs. Plumbing, for example, may pass through a wall or ductwork may be laid over a steel beam.

3. Workflow or 4D clash

A workflow clash in BIM occurs when building information is incorrect or contradictory. Any contractor or crew scheduling concerns, delivery clashes, or other timetable conflicts can be detected by this type of clash detection. 


How to resolve clashes? 

To detect and resolve clashes, you could use one of the following software solutions: 


BIM allows for in-depth conflict reporting at the design stage and conflict detection has been optimized and error-free with modern 3D graphics.