Catenda Hub is used in the green and smart project Norsk Kylling, Norway

Norsk Kylling: Innovation driven factory construction

Project Brief:

The ambitions for the new chicken processing plant in Orkdal, Norway are sky high, especially when it comes to green solutions, energy smart production and project efficiency.

Catenda Hub is used in the green and smart project Norsk Kylling, Norway

Norsk Kylling's new factory built with Catenda Hub

Building the new plant is a complex greenfield project. Innovation is key to this project, and one central component has been bringing the suppliers of various equipment like chicken processing machines, packing machines, roasters, freezers etc. up to speed when it comes to the IFC standards. The results are unique to the chicken processing business: so far 90 % of the machinery is connected to product information on delivery, installment, maintenance.

Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) is an important tool for the project and there are currently 140 users from five different countries, divided into 37 different teams.

Previous projects have been conducted in random web hotels, but in this new massive project Norsk Kylling wanted to apply tools and systems that can handle the innovation requirements in areas like VDC, analysis, etcetera.

-Traditionally in projects, too much information and data is lost between stakeholders due to the lack of technology and inefficient workflows. The VDC-method used in this project improves the workflows, and now Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) provides the right technological support to enhance the project communication. A thorough process of choosing the most suited digital communication-platform for this project was made quite easy for us, as Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) stood out from its competitors, says Johnny Sætre.

The 3D models of Norsk Kylling factory in Catenda Hub

The 3D models of Norsk Kylling's factory in Catenda Hub

Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) provides the project with a communication platform, and an improved and more open flow of information than before. The amount of positive feedback from the management, the contractors, suppliers and owners have been very noticeable after the implementation of the collaboration platform. The entire project management use Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) on a daily basis, and it has become a vital vertical element in the value chain. The feedback is that is really user friendly, because you go straight to the 3D model, and there is nothing to download.

The pre-construction ended in spring 2018. Now, contractors and suppliers are in place. The project is now in a collaboration phase where the building, the technical installations, the process equipment and the support systems are synchronized and optimized. The next phases are detailing, and start of construction during 2019.