Use Bimsync,
wherever you are.

Work doesn't stop when you leave your computer. Whether you are on-site or at home, Bimsync mobile app has you covered.

Use Bimsync, 
wherever you are.

Bimsync at your fingertips

Extend the workflows you know and love beyond the design and site office out to production in the field. Get access to the features of Bimsync Arena right from your pocket. Manage issues, models and documents using the Bimsync mobile app, continuing the work started from the office & from home.

Improve On-site Coordination

Create, view, assign and solve issues captured on site on your mobile device in Arena or on your tablet or smartphone using the same open BCF workflows that Bimsync offers. Use 2D locations to precisely locate an issue to be solved.

Alternatively use Bimsync Arena to plan inspections and quality checks using the same location function and assign these to the people in charge of the inspection.

Collaborate effortlessly with your team

No need for constant check-ins. All mobile activity automatically syncs with your Bimsync account, so your team always knows what's happening, and what to do next. Never miss a single change in your project with our alert systems.

Get real-time notifications about the latest updates of your projects and solve issues in a snap!

Trusted by leading construction companies

Looking for inspiration?

Our mobile app is built entirely on our APIs. These APIs are available for you, to build your own apps using the same technology, both for mobile devices, PC and MAC.