Increase the quality of your models with Bimsync

Bimsync gives you a collaboration that is smooth & clear so that you can focus on solving problems in your favourite design software.

Increase the quality of your models with Bimsync

Design Better. Faster.

Visualize your 2D & 3D at lightning speed

Save hours per week with our powerful technology, and visualize your models anywhere, on any device. Combine our high performance 3D viewer with auto-generated 2D floor plans.

Increase client satisfaction

With quickly visualized federated models, expensive mistakes are avoided early causing designers to report 5% increased customer satisfaction.

Onboard your entire team in minutes

Bimsync is so easy to use, that no training upfront is needed. Your entire design team will be up and running in minutes, quickly focusing on design, rather than collaboration chores.

Get quicker answers

Our BCF based issue system allows designers to focus on work in their own design software. Issues flow seamlessly into your favourite tool and causes issue resolution time to decrease significantly.

What our customers say

Power up your workflows with our integrations

Connect your essential business tools to Bimsync and make it your project control center.
Revit, Archicad, Solibri, Slack, Dropbox, Sharepoint and many more.

  • Dimension 10
  • Cobuilder
  • Fonn
  • Sharepoint
  • Revit
  • Slack
  • Vrex
  • Imerso
  • Solibri
  • Dropbox
  • CheckD

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