How to export IFC
How to export an IFC file? 

IFC stands for Industry Foundation Classes. It is an open standard that

Employer Information Requirements vs BIM Execution Plan
Employer Information Requirements vs BIM Execution...

In the construction industry acronyms are used extensively when it comes to

BIM dictionnary
10 BIM Terms Everyone Should Know – Part 2

VDC VDC stands for Virtual Design and Construction. VDC is the use

Logo Catenda
BIM Software Mapping 2021

We have just released a new version of our BIM (Building Information

Living Lab TEKathon in Oslo for BIM students
TEKathon for BIM students

In May 2018, The Norwegian Directorate of Building Quality and buildingSMART Norway

Bimsync 3D model visualization for education at NTNU
NTNU Ålesund – Construction Engineering Bac...

Assistant Professor Lala Nilsen of NTNU in Ålesund has used Bimsync, the

Partnership agreements between Catenda and five Vietnamese universities
Bimsync to be taught at five Vietnamese universiti...

Partnership agreements were recently signed between Catenda and five leading universities in