Closed vs Open BIM
Closed BIM vs Open BIM Workflows

Imagine a world where you have one commodity producer buying up their

BIM Building Information Modeling in Africa
Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Africa

The level of awareness regarding Digital Construction methods and general adoption of

Communication in a CDE
How to ensure effective communication in a Common ...

Communication takes place on many levels, and in different places; i.e., from

Van der Gragt uses Bimsync to improves the design phase
Van der Gragt improves the design phase with Bimsy...

Van der Gragt in Wormerveer has improved the design phase of projects

Connect multiple integrations to Bimsync, the open bim cloud-based platform
How do APIs support innovation on an Open CDE?

A Common Data Environment (CDE) is a central tool for all modern

Implement BIM in your project
Jump start your BIM Journey

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is often propagated by big software companies to

Project Managers use Bimsync
What are Virtual Design and Construction methods (...

VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) methodology is used in the AECO industry

Open BIM workflow
Five Good Reasons to Use Open BIM

Using an open BIM strategy will improve interoperability and collaboration in your

Damien Lefranc, BIM Manager at Legendre
How Bimsync helps BIM managers: An interview with ...

  We met Damien Lefranc, BIM manager at Legendre and user of

SNCF France makes BIM mandatory and has chosen Bimsync as their BIM platform
Opidis and Catenda power BIM strategy for France's...

SNCF, France's national railway, has chosen to extend its use of FusionLive