open CDE platform BIM definitions
10 BIM Terms Everyone Should Know

1. BIM – Building Information Modeling BIM stands for Building Information Modeling.

Lean Construction and Bimsync

Today, ten years after research and multiple experiences, Lean Construction is starting

Collaboration Meeting
Drop Meeting Minutes and Boost Productivity

Drop meeting minutes might be the first and easiest step to take

Communication in a CDE
How to ensure effective communication in a Common ...

Communication takes place on many levels, and in different places; i.e., from

Van der Gragt in Wormerveer uses Bimsync
Van der Gragt improves the design phase with Bimsy...

Van der Gragt in Wormerveer has improved the design phase of projects

Connect multiple integrations to Bimsync, the open bim cloud-based platform
How do APIs support innovation on an Open CDE?

A Common Data Environment (CDE) is a central tool for all modern

Choose your Common Data Environment (CDE)
How to choose your Common Data Environment?

Choosing the right common data environment is a crucial step for the

Common data environment
What is a Common Data Environment (CDE)?

Definition of a Common Data Environment (CDE) The BIM process requires setting

VR integration between Bimsync and Dimension10
Dimension10 and Bimsync combine BIM and VR for bet...

Providing the end user with easy access to enriched 3D models with

OBOS and Veidekke invest in Catenda
Aiming to digitalize the construction industry

Major property developer OBOS and Norway´s biggest construction company Veidekke invest in