Closed BIM Open BIM
One tool for everything (closed BIM) or several to...

In this digital era where there is a new innovative piece of

Closed vs Open BIM
Closed BIM vs Open BIM Workflows

Imagine a world where you have one commodity producer buying up their

Communication in a CDE
How to ensure effective communication in a Common ...

Communication takes place on many levels, and in different places; i.e., from

Open BIM workflow
Five Good Reasons to Use Open BIM

Using an open BIM strategy will improve interoperability and collaboration in your

BCF visualization in Bimsync
Slash 80% of your emails with the BIM Collaboratio...

Open BIM encompasses both a set of workflow and software tools to

IFC viewer in Bimsync
What is IFC, the main ingredient of open BIM?

The birth of the IFC format In 1996 11 partners created the