BIM Protocol

The BIM (Building Information Modeling) Protocol is a standardized supplementary legal agreement used widely and mostly at BIM level 2 to amend existing construction contracts. However, under the influence of stronger digitalization, the protocol is supposed to progress to BIM level 3.

BIM Protocol by UK’s Construction Industry Council
BIM Protocol by UK’s Construction Industry Council

Drafted and developed by the UK’s Construction Industry Council, the CIC BIM Protocol highlights two main pillars: project collaboration and the rights and obligations of individuals or parties involved.

Main objectives of the BIM Protocol

The first objective of promoting collaborative working is accomplished by making the role of Information manager mandatory, setting the use of Information Management standards as an explicit contractual requirement and enabling other common working practices as well. 

As for the second objective, the protocol is required to be appended to working contracts of anyone associated with information exchange in the BIM projects (Building Information Modeling). By doing so, the protocol ensures the expected outputs and guarantees the same standards, conditions and ways of working among project team members. 

It is important to mention that the protocol is based on the direct contractual relationship with the employer and the supplier. Therefore, there are no additional rights or liabilities among different suppliers. 

BIM Protocol Appendices

To make the standardized documents relevant to specific construction projects, the CIC BIM protocol provides two editable appendices

  • Appendix 1 – Model production and delivery table: This must include references to all Building Information Models that are required by the employer at each project stage.
  • Appendix 2 – Information requirements: This details the information management standards that will be adopted on a project.

Major principles for the use of the BIM Protocol

When applying the BIM protocol to specific projects, there are some major principles to keep in mind.

  • All parties in charge of the production of BIM on behalf of the employer should have the protocol incorporated into their contract/appointment.
  • The same version of the protocol and its appendices should be incorporated into each contract. 
  • The wording of the CIC BIM Protocol should not be amended.
  • The protocol should detail all Building Information Models that are going to be produced by all parties contracted to the employer on the project.
  • The appendices have to be completed with specific information for all projects. 
  • Any changes in the protocol and its appendices should be treated as variations to the contract.