Catenda Hub 3 d model of a raw constructionwith 5 floors

NTNU Ålesund – Construction Engineering Bachelor 2018


Assistant Professor Lala Nilsen of NTNU in Ålesund has used Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync), the open Common Data Environment (CDE), in her teaching for two years. It started with a need for visualization.

“Now we use Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) as an online interactive tool in all engineering subjects at the building engineering studies. We use it to study complete building models so that students understand the basic theory better and see the whole of construction. At the same time, students gain good insight into the digitization of the construction industry, the construction processes, and the interaction between the subjects, so that they are ready for the future.”

Lala Nilsen’s students use Revit and Synchro 4D, then utilizing Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) as a collaboration platform where they create projects, issues and comments that can be exchanged between students and teachers. Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) is also used when submitting bachelor assignments.

“Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) is time-saving, as we are using it as a virtual exploration on-site. I consider Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) can innovative and structured product that is very easy to use by anyone, anytime and anywhere, even on the mobile phone. We are very grateful for our good cooperation with Catenda AS on utilizing Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) in our building engineering studies.”

In the spring of 2018, we talked to three students who were handing in their bachelor assignments.

Group 1 – Thomas

I have long wanted to become an engineer, and choosing Construction Engineering came naturally as I am very interested in science. I would much rather work on large constructions than a computer program or an engine!

My bachelor student team is making a residential student house at the University of Life Science in Ås. We are looking into different solutions of how the building will look, and what dimensions the walls, covers, bolt connections, roofing, etc will need. We are also making work plans and illustrations.

Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) is a nice tool to use. We draw in Revit, and can then upload our work to Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync). There we can show our work to the teachers and supervisors and discuss what we have done, what can be improved, and why. Our model is built in Revit of massive wood elements and then uploaded to Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync).

Bimsync 3D model outside building visualization for education

Learn more about using our Revit plugin here.

Group 2 – Vegard

I chose construction engineering because I always have had an interest in buildings and technology. I also consider this an education that will give me opportunities in the future and that will be in demand in the industry. Any building structure will always be in need of renovation, additions, and maintenance, and for that, good engineers are needed.

Our bachelor project focuses on correctly size a five-storey residential building with post-tensioned slab reinforcement and steel constructions. We have looked at the role of the chief construction engineer in projects, in order to get a glimpse into their daily work. We have focused on using the tools in the market, both to ensure efficiency and our own learning interest.

Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) is in our case a tool we have used to visualize the project for outsiders. The program also facilitates for comments and ideas being added by team members. From our perspective, we could more easily involve the supervisor if they were added earlier, and we could save time used in meetings.

Bimsync 3D model inside building visualization for education

Group 2 – Terese

Ever since my parents built their own house 18 years ago, I have had an increasing fascination for furnishing, constructions, and how the world around us is created. In high school, I did interior design studies and got into technical drawing and visualization. I wanted to be part of shaping our society, and choosing construction engineering was a natural choice. It gives me a broad basis that opens up a lot of exciting possibilities in the future.

We wanted a project that is directly applicable to real life and chose to size a five-storey residential building with steel elements and slabs with post-tensioned reinforcement. This gives us useful experience in using different project tools combined with increased professional knowledge.

Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) makes sharing and visualization of different projects very easy for us as students. Our group has mainly used it for visualizing it to outsiders and teachers, but the possibilities are many.

Bimsync 3D model stairs visualization for education