Discover how to export an IFC

How to export an IFC file? 


IFC stands for Industry Foundation Classes. It is an open standard that has been created by the international organization buildingSMART, which can be defined as a “standardized, digital description of the built environment” (buildingSMART). More specifically, it is an object format for open Building Information Modeling (BIM) data exchange and aims to facilitate interoperability. IFC can be used either to exchange information from one stakeholder to another, as a means of archiving project information (during the design, procurement , and construction phases), or as an “as-built” collection of information. 


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IFC is a format, that needs to be exported from a software, either in Revit (part 1) or in Archicad (part 2). Follow the steps: 



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1.Download the IFC app from autodesk to be able to export IFC from Revit

2. Kick the “Section Box” (right column)

IFC export revit



3. Untick Planning, Topography, Site, Electrical Equipment boxes

export IFC with Revit



4. Go to File > Export > IFC

Revit IFC export


5. Click on “Modify set up”

how to export IFC revit



6. Click on “Create a new set up”

revit ifc


7. Name your set up

export an ifc with revit



8. Set up general settings like in the screenshot

    (1) IFC Version > IFC 2×3 Coordination View 2.0

    (2) File type > IFC

    (3) Phase to export > Default phase to export 

    (4) Space boundaries > None 

    (5) Project Origin > Current shared coordinates 

    (6) Tick the box “Spilt Walls, Columns, Ducts by level”

ifc bim



9. Set up additional content

     (1) Tick the box “Export only elements visible in view”

ifc bim revit



10. Set up property sets 

        (2)Tick the box “Export IFC common property sets”

        (3) Tick the box “Export base quantities” 

        (4) Click “Ok”

industry foundation classes bim



11. Click on “Save selected setup”

revit bim ifc



12. Click on “Export”

IFC BIM building information modeling





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1. Click on File > Interoperability > IFC > IFC Translators 

IFC export Archicad



2. Go into the “General Export” section and click on “New” 

Archicad export IFC



3. Name your new translator and click on “Ok”

IFC export with Archicad



4. In your new export set up your presets

export IFC with Archicad

    (1) Model Filter > All 3D elements

    (2) Type Mapping > ARCHICAD Classification V2.0 IFC 2×3

    (3) Geometry Conversion > Standard IFC 2×3 Schema

    (4) Data Conversion > Mapped properties only 

  • Tick the box “Classifications”
  • Tick the box “Door-window” parameters 
  • Select all IFC Properties
  • Tick the box “IFC Base Quantities”
  • Click “Ok”

(5) Unit Conversion > Unit Conversion for General Export

    (6) Set up your settings regarding what you need

how to export IFC Archicad

IFC bim Archicad



5. Click on “Ok”

BIM IFC export



6. Go into File > Save as… 

how to export ifc with archicad



7. Select “IFC Export” in the Translator and click on “Save”

export IFC BIM format archicad



To learn more about IFC creation watch our webinar about “IFC Creation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly“.


Eva Stepak-Heritier, Marketing Director at Catenda