Catenda Hub & Microsoft Teams Integration: Goals, Use Cases & Setup


A lot of users of Catenda Hub are using Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) in their companies as the main messaging and communication platform. It is always inconvenient and time consuming to switch back and forth between platforms to check on notifications.

The new integration streamlines daily routines and reduces information access points for these users who rely on both Catenda Hub and MS Teams by delivering Catenda Hub notifications directly to their MS Teams channel.


By integrating project notifications in Catenda Hub with MS Teams, we aim to improve the project management experience for our users. Here’s how

  • Streamline Access to Project Notifications: Bring relevant project notifications to our users’ fingertips within their MS Teams environment, eliminating the need to switch platforms and fetch information.
  • Enhance Team Collaboration: Allow team members to access project notifications and delegate resulting tasks directly in MS Teams.
  • Facilitate Team Navigation: Provide hyperlinks within notifications that direct users to the relevant content (tasks, documents, models, etc.) in Catenda Hub.

Use Cases

This integration fosters better communication both internally and externally

  • Personal Notification Stream: Users can set up a private channel to receive notifications from their Catenda projects.
  • Team Awareness: Project teams can connect Catenda Hub to their existing MS Teams channel to ensure everyone sees project notifications.
  • Subcontractor Collaboration: Meeting channels for subcontractors can be connected to Catenda Hub to keep track of assigned tasks within the project.

How to set it up?

Any Catenda user can connect their Catenda Hub to Microsoft Teams to receive notifications. Here’s a quick guide on how to set it up:

  • Generate a webhook URL on a channel in Microsoft Teams
  • Add the webhook to your Catenda project
  • Define the scope of expected notifications on the settings page in Catenda

From this point on, all Catenda Hub notifications will appear in your designated MS Teams channel.

To have a detailed step-by-step guide, please visit our Intercom page.