Our founder Havard and 2 employees from Veidekke on a construction site with an ipad on which Catenda Hub is showing the 3d model of that construction

Aiming to digitalize the construction industry


Major property developer OBOS and Norway’s biggest construction company Veidekke invest in the Norwegian software innovation company Catenda. Together the trio will set the standard for the use of open BIM with a goal of a more efficient and sustainable construction industry.

Catenda has developed the Common Data Envrionement (CDE) Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync). The platform ensures a digital representation of the building and a joint platform for all involved in the construction project. This ensures increased efficiency for all parties. In addition, Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) is used for maintenance and running of the building and thus make for substantial savings. Veidekke is Norway’s largest construction company, and OBOS is a leading property developer.


Digitalization is of great value

– OBOS wants to help digitalize the construction industry. We hope Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) gradually will become the industry standard. We are in strong need of a standardization, to have all our subcontractors and entrepreneurs use the same digital tools. Catenda is a solid Norwegian company with exciting ambitions for growth, says Group Chief Executive in OBOS Daniel Kjørberg Siraj.

Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) ensures that there always is a precise three dimensional digital model of the building, a so called digital twin. The platform that all collaborating partners in a planning and building project have access to, provides an overview of issues, tasks and deliverables throughout the construction process. Even in the management phase and when the building is to be refurbished or demolished, the digitalization is of great value. The digital twin will be available for all future. Catenda already have a solid international market share through large contracts in various countries like France, the Netherlands and Spain.

– In this lies great possibilities to save substantial sums on every single building. With this investment OBOS, as one of the leading industrial investors in the Norwegian construction industry, want to contribute to a long term value increase and customer follow-up, states Kjørberg Siraj.

– Veidekke is focused on continuing the work on digitizing the construction industry to increase productivity and quality in planning and production processes. We want to contribute to a joint digital rise in the industry. We believe Catenda has a significant potential, and we look forward to collaborate with the company on the road ahead, says District Manager of Veidekke Oslo Anders W. Haugen.

– This is a day to remember for Catenda. We are now joined by two strong investors who both will use Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) in their many projects, and also become a solid financial partner to go global with. OBOS and Veidekke demonstrate visionary leadership in making the construction industry digital, and show that they genuinely support the innovation community, says Catenda’s CSO Håvard Brekke Bell.


Press release 12 January 2018