Members of the three companies Catenda (Norway), Ingecid (Spain) and Createc (UK) standing next to each other in norway for decomissioning meeting

Catenda for Nuclear Decommissioning


In March 2022 the three companies Catenda (Norway), Ingecid (Spain) and Createc (UK) were awarded the large and long-term deal to provide software and services for decommissioning and waste management to Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND). Together the three companies created the consortium ICCircle. Catenda is very proud to be part of this.


NND, the Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning authority, was established in 2018. and was given the task to phase out the Norwegian nuclear facilities. They will handle all man-made radioactive waste for the benefit of current and future generations. In addition, NND is a professional body in the nuclear area that provides independent advice to the government, and shall manage nuclear infrastructure on behalf of the Norwegian state.


“ICCircle AS won the contract by combining solid and proven solutions from both nuclear and more traditional industries”, says director of NND Pål Mikkelsen. – The cutting-edge expertise we need to solve our unique tasks is often international. Therefore, it is particularly gratifying to see that a Norwegian company has joined forces with competence environments from other countries and created the most competitive solution.


IT manager Ole Jacob Ottestad in NND adds: – Simply put, it is a large logistics tool that takes care of all parts from cradle to grave. Now the work of implementation and development begins. This will be a large and long-term project in every way. The clean-up will take 20–25 years, and in time all employees in IFE’s nuclear division will be transferred to NND. The goal is for all future employees and employees in NND to have this IT system as their main tool for planning and carrying out their tasks in connection with the clean-up after Norway’s nuclear activities.


Dag Fjeld Edvardsen (PhD) leads Catenda work in the project. He says: – It is a big honor for us to be part of this large and important effort. Traditionally, we at Catenda create collaboration software for the construction and property management industries. The nuclear field has some similarities, but there are important differences that has to be taken into account. We look forward to working with NND and our consortium partners Ingecid and Createc.



Nuclear Decommission
Picture: IFE


Dag Fjeld Edvardsen (PhD), Co-Founder and Head of Research at Catenda.