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Catenda expands into North America


Founder and CEO, Håvard Brekke Bell, introduces Catenda and shares his excitement . 

The Company 

As Catenda contributes to the AECO industry becoming more data-driven, we are also helping the entire industry become more efficient and sustainable. This is a lofty goal, which will not happen overnight, but will be a great accomplishment. And, that is precisely why I founded Catenda with my colleagues, in 2009. 

Now, after years of successfully operating and growing our business in Scandinavia and Europe, as well as planning, preparation and significant investment, we are ready and excited to begin the next chapter of our growth, expanding into North America. 

I have passed the role of CEO of Catenda AS to our previous COO, allowing me to focus on the North American market as President and CEO of Catenda, Inc., our US entity. This is not just a case of introducing our solutions to a new market. We believe we have a lot to offer this industry, and this is the right time to broaden our efforts to share, globally. While we firmly believe in our technology, we also believe that our company and what we stand for, as well as our unique business approach will be welcomed and appreciated. This makes the future very exciting for all of us.


The Culture

Our Company core values are trust, openness, and quality. This is reflected in every element of our business and as traits in each of our team members. This is no coincidence. We are committed to a customer-centric approach, and relationships built on trust. We focus on listening to our customers, gaining an understanding of what matters most to them, and helping them develop  processes  that result in consistent success. Every member of Catenda shares this commitment, and it makes Catenda an outstanding place to work. We judge our success by how our customers feel about working with us and how they have been treated. The Catenda US entity will reflect these same company values, as part of our identity. 

When we speak about openness, we fully appreciate that we  are in the communication business, which means that sharing as early as possible, with as broad an audience as you desire is an effective  way to impact and improve the decision-making process. The frequently referenced silos between disciplines, trades and other stakeholders really don’t exist, once you provide an open environment and encourage early, and frequent, sharing. With a truly digital workflow, all the data that is needed is available, to whomever needs it, on demand. Becoming more sustainable is then just a matter of priorities and decisions. Being open is a critical element of what Catenda delivers to the industry, as openness encourages innovation and ensures access to data in the future.


The Commitment

We want to change the world, but there is no way we can do that alone. Together with those who see the value in our technology and focus, we can, little by little, change our industry for the better. Catenda accepts the challenge to lead by example with clear and transparent objectives.

It is time for a new approach and more trust in the vendor-customer business relationships. Instead of an inflexible pricing model, or one that serves to limit access to a project, our pricing model includes unlimited access, without any additional cost, on any project size. Our customers have embraced this concept of sharing early and often, and welcoming more stakeholders to the project, without incurring additional costs. As the entire industry is in transition from traditional 2D-based workflows to more 3D and data-rich workflows, we believe that the pricing model of new tools should reflect the learning steps an organization must take. At Catenda, we start with our commitment to trust the customer and our obsession with quality, making it natural to offer flexibility. That is why we work to connect with people, understand their setting, and adapt our offering to best fit that particular situation.

The Customer 

We want to grow with our clients, and together with them learn what the best next steps will be. Our experience tells us that we all want the same for our planet and for our businesses, and we think it makes sense to grow together.

All of this makes the expansion into North America very exciting. Catenda will bring some real value and positive energy to the market, and together we will all move in the right direction, at the same time. Our hope is to change the entire dynamic between vendor and customer. We are in this together and we all benefit if we work as partners.

We hope you are in agreement with what we are sharing. We encourage you to follow Catenda as we establish our presence. Better yet, we would love to welcome you as a Catenda customer. You would  be part of a very positive, and long overdue relationship where YOU are the first priority. 


Håvard Brekke Bell, CEO Catenda Inc. and CSO at Catenda.