Selfie of Havard Brekke Bell, Founder of Catenda standing in front of a white wall, smiling into the camera

Open standards ensure that walls are dismantled


We who make Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) live by two basic principles: openness and quality. Openness secures the flow of information, not only inside the Catenda universe, but to and from all other applications and programs. High quality performance and delivery serves as a foundation for our industry going forward. Without it it all comes to a halt, and no real progress is made.

In this blog post I try to sum up a few reflections with regards to openness and quality from various industry events and conferences over the past few months.

The buildingSMART International community gathered in London in last November to further develop the standards that are the basis for the open flow of information the digitization era needs. “If we are to digitize, we must standardize”, was the main credo. This is of course nothing new to those of us who have worked on open BIM for years, but what is exciting now, is that more and more big, medium and small stakeholders in the construction industry worldwide now agree. Many implementations, gradual legislations and a number of industry regulations now ensure that real progress is being made.

Earlier in the fall, at the UK Construction Week in Birmingham, Catenda had a seminar on how the somewhat hidden BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) standard help projects control all issues, decisions and challenges across software. In short: how technology walls are being dismantled by a common standard.

At the Norwegian construction fair Bygg Reis Deg in October, the opening session revolved around making our buildings greener and more sustainable. A common denominator was that digitization will contribute massively into the green change that now sweeps all sectors nationwide. For the first time, the fair had a digital arena, where Catenda participated with a couple of small seminars and workshops, and had fruitful dialogues with the public. The digital arena was a useful effort that we hope will be further developed and highlighted next year.

The futurist Stefan Hyttfors further sparked the discussion with well founded and exciting thoughts in at the opening of the VA/VVS-Møteplass conference recently. He underlines that it is of increasing importance to ensure openness, transparent solutions and common open international standards in the construction industry. This goes for all disciplines and functions in our sector.

Digitization has taken a firm grip in the industry, and this past year has indeed made us collectively go forward. In Norway, a National Digital Roadmap for the construction industry has been introduced. This will set the premise for the road ahead.

We, at Catenda, are looking very much forward to the continuation, and for Catenda Hub (previously Bimsync) to help set the agenda in the construction industry nationally and globally. The year 2018 is looking exciting and promising in many ways.


Håvard Brekke Bell, CSO at Catenda.