VREX integration with Bimsync, to get access to BCF-issues in VR

VREX is a Virtual Reality extension for collaborative Building Information Modeling (BIM) platforms and is fully integrated with Bimsync. You can access your project and issues directly from inside Virtual Reality, and work on live data across geographical divides.

BCF and VR is a powerful combination

"The Bimsync to VREX connection makes it extremely easy for VREX users to access BCF-issues directly in VR without any preparations. The connection saves time and makes virtual review meetings much more flexible. You can swap issue lists in the middle of a review meeting without leaving VR. Or each team member can bring their own issue list with the things they would like to discuss in VR. Most importantly, all the solutions, decisions, or comments you make inside VR are directly synchronized back into Bimsync to your team," says Rune Vandli from Vixel.

You can review, discuss, and resolve issues with your team in Virtual Reality without needing to travel. Everything you do inside Virtual Reality is automatically synchronized to your Bimsync project, and across your whole project team.

On the way to data-driven decisions

"It is exciting to partner with VREX, as it allows full integration with VR access to all models in Bimsync. Our vision is using open standards to bring data to users so their decisions become data-driven, and in a global industry where we have customers from all around the world, virtual reality is an exciting development with many possibilities," says Håvard Brekke Bell, CEO of Catenda.

VREX is optimized for performance and functionality, which means it handles very large and detailed BIM projects in VR (Virtual Reality). This includes all layers from the different disciplines to help you make good decisions when solving BCF issues (BIM Collaboration Format).

Changing the workflow

This way of working democratizes your model and shares it with all stakeholders, ensuring everyone has a shared vision for the project. Regulatory institutions, project owners, or other interested parties can experience your project from the inside, follow the progress, and give feedback.

VREX aims to enhance the benefits and collaborative aspects of BIM platforms such as Bimsync, the open CDE (Common Data Environment). It reduces the miscommunication between suppliers, and the project saves time and money from traveling less. In addition, it reduces the total cost as detecting and eliminating errors happen earlier in the process.

No pre-installed software is required, just download your VR-room and get started.


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