Solibri clash detection Bimsync

This article explains how to set up the BCF connector in Solibri with your Bimsync project. This allows issues to be communicated across the two applications seamlessly, avoiding the manual export and import BCF steps. 


STEP 1 – Purchase and download Solibri Office from the Solibri Solution Center. You will need version 9.9 or later to be able to use the BCF connector. If you already have the tool you simply need to upgrade it. 


STEP 2 – You can get/upgrade the BCF Connector (BIM Collaboration Format) from the Solibri Solution Center here.

Go to Solibri Extension and select BCF connector:

Solibri clash detection Bimsync

Note: To enable the BCF Connector your Solibri Admin needs to enable it in the user management screen in Solibri Solution Center.


STEP 3 – Open Solibri Office, and go to the settings screen. From there select the BCF connector

Solibri clash detection Bimsync


STEP 4 – 

  1. First press the Add Server button and you will be sent to the second page;
  2. In this step you can choose which server you want to connect to, in this case the Bimsync one;
  3. Here you can paste the URL from your Bimsync project. Where to find this URL is explained in the next picture;
  4. Select OK to finish the connection.

Solibri clash detection Bimsync


STEP 5 – On the Issues page in your Bimsync project, you can find the URL for your project. It is located in the Exchange issues.

Solibri clash detection Bimsync


STEP 6 – Then go to the communication screen in Solibri, and select presentations. From there you can create a new presentation. Right click to the context menu to be able to synchronize with Bimsync.

Solibri clash detection Bimsync


STEP 7 – From here you can also create a new presentation and import from Bimsync to Solibri.

Solibri clash detection Bimsync


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Bimsync Support Team.


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